Museums of Minnesota  

Museums of Minnesota

Listing Guidelines

The following guidelines are for museum owners, curators, historical society directors and other professionals who wish to list their attractions.

  1. To list your museum you need to be a MUSEUM MEMBER.
    If you are already a member, you may list a one or more museums now after you click here to login.
  2. If you are already a member and wish to adjust a museum listing, or have listed one museum and wish to list others, please go to the section for Current Museum Members after logging in.

    New Museum Members
  3. Complete all the fields requested in the member signup form.
    Please remember that the username CANNOT be changed once you decide upon it.
    Also,the password needs to be 6 characters or more and needs to contain at least one number.
    Click here for screenshot.

  4. The listing process is fast and easy. You may wish to simply list your attraction, its address, phone, and other basic information.  Later, you can add photos and more.

  5. Feel free to take advantage of the website's powerful range of options, if you like.  All free, of course.  For example, you may include as many photos as you like, or jpg scans of your museum brochures, or info about tours and special programs ... even short videos!
  6. We encourage you to SIGN UP NOW with a simple listing.  Then, soon after, add as much additional info as you like.
  7. Once again, just to make this clear, LISTING YOUR INFORMATION IS FREE! You will never be charged if you list early. However ... if you wait to sign up, you may be charged to take advantage of the special features (unlimited videos, photos, etc.). ""Charter Member" listings will never incur charges.
  8. Your free listing even includes a map to your museum! The map is based on your address.  You may further pinpoint the location by entering optional longitude & latitude data.

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